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The Accounting Society was established at Baruch College in 1931 to prepare a diverse group of business students for the Accounting and financial services fields. Each semester we plan events that correlate with our mission statement and goal of getting our members internships or full time jobs. 

The Accounting Society is open to students of all ethnicities, academic standings, and majors!

Our History

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Since inception, we have been continuously active on campus by hosting weekly events, sponsoring informational sessions, and participating in a multitude of volunteer activities.


Our Semi-Annual Networking Luncheon provides opportunities for students and professionals alike to expand professional networks. ​Likewise, our Mock Interview Event allows students to connect with professionals and discover the best ways to ace an interview. ​


All members are invited to attend our Induction Ceremony, to reflect on the Accounting Society's achievements and honor our officers, faculty advisers, dedicated members, and corporate sponsors.

Our Mission

  • Professional Relations 

Learn to earn and maintain your professional credentials to further your competency and build a career.

  • Personal Development

Acquire skills and qualities to realize your values and reach your goals in life.


  • Philanthropy

Give back to the community that has contributed to your success.


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