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01. How often does the Accounting Society hold meetings and where can I find a schedule of upcoming events?

The Accounting Society holds club meetings and various other events during most Tuesday & Thursday club hours (12:30 – 2:30 pm) in the Fall & Spring semesters. Refreshments (food and drinks) are served at all club meetings. For the most up-to-date schedule of our upcoming events, click here or subscribe to our newsletter, click here.

02. Why join the Baruch Accounting Society and what are the benefits of membership?

The Baruch Accounting Society introduces students to the various opportunities in the accounting, finance and related fields. These opportunities range from available internships, full-time positions, networking exposures, experienced speakers to professional character building. Prospective members and inducted members attend a variety of club meetings, corporate presentations, and career building workshops to network with professionals, alumni and fellow students in an effort to improve their “soft” skills and industry knowledge. In addition, inducted members will have the foremost opportunity to attend events that have a limited number of attendees such as company office visits, networking events and one-on-one professional resume reviews. Furthermore, the Accounting Society helps students give back to the community through the various volunteer actions and leadership opportunities and dedications.

03. What are the requirements to be inducted into the Baruch Accounting Society? Is there a membership Fee?

Membership in the Baruch Accounting Society is free once the membership requirements are met. Furthermore, inducted members retain their membership and do not need to meet the requirements each semester. However, inducted members are advised to remain active and to consider a leadership role within the Accounting Society. The membership requirements† are as follows:

1. Attend 2 general interest meetings

2. Attend 5 corporate

3. Volunteer at 2 volunteer opportunities/events

† These requirements do not need to be met within a semester; they must be met within two semesters (full academic year). Your status will transfer from one semester to the next, but only up to two semesters. It is strongly recommended that you try to complete the requirements within a semester so you can pursue a leadership position in the following semester.

04. What are the different leadership roles within the Baruch Accounting Society and how can I find out more about the different tasks of each position?

There are 11 Executive Board positions that are reorganized every semester and only inducted members may hold these positions. A detailed explanation of the leadership positions, their related tasks and the procedure as to how to become an Executive Board member are stated in the Baruch Accounting Society Constitution. In addition, you may contact any of the current officers to discuss opportunities to take a larger role in the society. 

05. How many members comprise the Baruch Accounting Society and how many new members will be inducted in the upcoming semester?

The Accounting Society newsletter reaches 1500 (and counting) members each week. There is no limit on how many students will be inducted into the Baruch Accounting Society each semester. Students that meet all of the membership requirements will be inducted during that semester. Furthermore, all of the events are opened to all students attending Baruch College and as such there is no limit as to the amount of exposure and friendship building you will experience with fellow students of all majors and levels of experience.

06. Does the Accounting Society have any social media websites through which we can stay updated and communicate with fellow members? Do you have a club office suite and what can I do there?

In addition to having our own official website, we have a Facebook group page and a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, and a LinkedIn group page. And we do have a club office suite NVC Room 3-239 and that room will generally have at least 1 Executive Board member there at all times (during normal hours of the day). And we will always be happy to answer your questions there, update you on events/internships/opportunities, to help you with anything that you may need assistance in and to just help you join in the fun.

07. What are some of the notable events hosted by the Accounting Society in the past and where are inducted members who have since graduated now?

The Accounting Society hosts a networking luncheon once every semester (semi-annually). This event provides an opportunity for current students to network with fellow students, alumni, and business professionals from a large array of firms. For more information about this event, please attend Accounting Society meetings or contact an Accounting Society officer. Inducted Accounting Society members have obtained internships and full-time offers with Big 4 Accounting Firms, mid-size accounting firms, large financial services firms, non-for-profits, government, and private firms. Baruch Accounting Society alumni are eager to share their experiences and advice with current students through visits to our many events. 

08. How can we contact the Accounting Society? How can I find out if I met all the requirements for membership?

You can contact the Accounting Society through our official website by pressing the “contact us” tab on the left side of our website. You can email us at Also, you can always contact us through our social media websites that were mentioned above but we do recommend using the Facebook group page over the other two social media websites. And last but not least, you can always contact us in person by visiting our club office suite NVC Room 3-239 and talking to one of us, or by leaving us a note in our Student Life Office mailbox..