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BAs Membership

Find a Community and Launch Your Career


General Members:

All Baruch students are welcome to attend our events regardless of membership status.

Inducted Members Gain Access To Our:


  • Executive Board Opportunities

  • Limited events seats

  • Induction Ceremony

  • Official LinkedIn group

  • And more!


Inducted member:

To become an inducted member, you have to satisfy the following

requirements within two consecutive semesters:

  • 5 Corporate Events

  • 1 General Interest Meeting

  • 1 Volunteer Event


To check your current requirement standing, click  the button below to email our Head of our Internal Affairs:

Become an Inducted member by attending weekly BAS events. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often does the Accounting Society hold meetings and where can I find a schedule of upcoming events? The Accounting Society holds club meetings and various events during most Tuesday & Thursday club hours (12:30 pm – 2:20 pm) in the Fall & Spring semesters. Refreshments are served at all club meetings.

Q. Why should I join the Baruch Accounting Society and what are membership benefits? The Baruch Accounting Society introduces students to the various opportunities in the accounting and financial services fields. These opportunities include connections that lead into internships or full-time jobs. Inducted members will also have the foremost opportunity to attend space limited opportunites such as company office visits, networking events, and one-on-one professional resume reviews.

Q. What are the different leadership roles within the Baruch Accounting Society and how can I learn more about them? There are 9 Executive Board positions that are reorganized every semester. Only inducted members may hold these positions. To learn more about our positions and responsibles please view our Constitution.

Q. How many members are in the Baruch Accounting Society and how many new members will be inducted in the upcoming semester? The Baruch Accounting Society newsletter reaches over 2,000 (and counting) members each week. While there is no limit on how many members are inducted per semester, we average from 100-150 inductees.

Q. What are the induction requirements? Is there a membership Fee? We pride ourselves on having a completely free membership for our inducted member. Inducted members retain their membership and do not need to meet the requirements each semester. The membership requirements are as follows: ​ One (1) general interest meetings Five (5) corporate events One (1) volunteer opportunities/events ​ These requirements must be met within two consecutive semesters. Your status will transfer from one semester to the next, but only up to two semesters.

Q. Does the Baruch Accounting Society have any social media we can use to stay updated? We have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a Discord server. All our social medias are linked at the bottom of every page of our website.

Q. What are some notable events hosted by the baruch Accounting Society in the past? Every semester the Accounting Society hosts office tours and our Mentorship and Semi-Annual Networking Luncheon Events. All events are excellent opportunities for students to network with senior level professionals from a array of firms.

Q. How can we contact the Baruch Accounting Society? How can I find out if I have met all the requirements for membership? You can contact the Baruch Accounting Society through our social media or contact us link at the bottom of each page.

Q. Where are our alumni now? Our Alumni work at the Big 4 and other middle-market accounting firms alongside many public and private financial services firms.

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