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Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

-Carl Bard


          The Accounting Society was established at Baruch College (CUNY) in 1968 with the main purpose of preparing a diverse group of business students for the Accounting, Tax, Audit, and CIS professions. Each semester we strive to plan events that correlate with our Three P's Mission Statement: Professional Relation, Personal Development, and Philanthropy.  Today, the Society is open to students of all ethnicity, academic standings, and majors!

          Since inception, we have been continuously active on campus by holding weekly events, sponsoring various informational sessions, as well as participating in a multitude of volunteer activities. We hold our Semi-Annual Networking Luncheon which provides an atmosphere for students and professionals alike to develop business relationships. All members are invited to attend our Induction Ceremony, an event where we reflect on the Society's achievements and honor our officers, faculty advisers, dedicated members and corporate supporters; all who contribute to the Society's success!

         The Accounting Society takes pride in having a policy where we do not charge any membership dues yet we continuously strive to bring quality services to the students. If you are a business student possibly considering a career in accounting (and related fields), or just want to know more about the profession, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Our Mission Statement

The Three P's

Professional Relations

Learn to earn and maintain your professional credentials to further your competency and build a career.

Personal Development

Acquire skills and qualities to realize and maximize your values and goals in life.


HR manager
Give back to the community that has contributed so much to your success.


Blockchain with EY

Tuesday, October 9th | 12:40PM - 2:20PM | Location: NVC 3-165

Considering a career in the advisory sector? RSM professionals are here to show you why advisory may be the path for you.

* Refreshments will be served

* Business Professional Attire

Bake Sale

Tuesday, October 16th | 12:40 - 2:20 PM | Location: NVC 2nd Floor Lobby

Come find our table at the lobby and perform an act of kindness by treating yourself!

* Refreshments will be served

Social #1

Tuesday, October 23rd | 12:40PM - 2:20PM | Location: 10-155

Enjoyed our fun icebreakers or missed them at our previous GIMs? We're back again with more food and fun!

* Refreshments will be served

* Casual Attire

             Membership Requirements

             • Five corporate events
             • Two general interest meetings
             • Two volunteer events

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Club Room: VC 3-239

55 Lexington Avenue

​New York, NY 10010