All Baruch students are welcome to attend our events regardless of membership status.

However, becoming an inducted member unlocks various benefits, such as:

- An invitation to our official LinkedIn group

- Eligibility to become an Executive Board Member

- Endorsed certificate distributed at our Induction Ceremony

- Access to Exclusive Resources on our website

- Opportunities to attend events with limited seats

And more!

To become an inducted member, you have to satisfy the following

requirements within two consecutive semesters:

5 Corporate Events

2 General Interest Meetings

2 Volunteer Events


To check your current requirement standing:

Click the button below to email our VP of Internal Affairs

Navigating through Covid-19

Our events for the Fall 2022 semester will take place in person, and we are moving as many meetings as possible to our regular meeting format while abiding by COVID-19's protocol.

We believe in promoting a safe environment for students and professionals

to meet and network.